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Wilmslow's Premier Tree Care Specialists: Unrivalled Expertise for All your tree service needs: Tree Removal, Storm Damage Callout , Stump Grinding, Risk Assessment, and Crown Reduction & more.
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Comprehensive Tree Care in the Heart of Wilmslow

In the verdant town of Wilmslow, Greenscapes Tree Services offers unparalleled tree surgery expertise. From meticulous pruning to strategic tree removal, our local team ensures your landscape's beauty and health with our comprehensive tree care solutions

On top of that, we get to work in some in some stunning villages and towns near Wilmslow. As a local who qualified in the region, it great to offer our tree care services in these historic places. Some of these places include:

  • Adlington
  • Alderley Edge
  • Ashley
  • Handforth
  • Macclesfield
  • And more..

We are proud to offer our tree care services in these areas. If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Wilmslow or any of the surrounding areas, please get in touch.

greenscapes treeservices van
greenscapes treeservices van

A selection of our services

Tree Removal Wilmslow

Safe and efficient removal of trees, particularly crucial for managing diseased or hazardous trees that pose risks to property and safety.

Tree Removal Wilmslow

Tree Cutting Wilmslow

Professional tree cutting services, perfect for maintaining tree health, managing growth, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Tree Cutting Wilmslow

Stump Grinding Wilmslow

After tree removal, our stump grinding service ensures that the remnants are dealt with effectively, leaving your land tidy and ready for new growth or landscaping projects.

Stump Grinding Wilmslow

Storm Damage Callout Wilmslow

We understand the urgency of post-storm cleanups. Our team is ready to respond swiftly to mitigate risks and damage caused by storms.

Storm Damage Callout Wilmslow

Risk Assessment Wilmslow

Ensuring the safety of your property, our risk assessment service evaluates potential hazards posed by trees, offering peace of mind and necessary interventions.

Risk Assessment Wilmslow

Crown Reduction Wilmslow

Skillfully reducing the size of a tree's canopy, our crown reduction service is ideal for improving light access and reducing wind resistance, thus enhancing tree health and stability.

Crown Reduction Wilmslow

Why choose Greenscapes Tree Services in Wilmslow?

Selecting Greenscapes means choosing a partner who values the Wilmslow community. We're known for our punctuality, cleanliness, and environmental responsibility. Our arborists are not only skilled in tree care but also in preserving the charm and character of Wilmslow's landscapes.

  • CHAS Accredited: Upholding stringent health and safety standards.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Dedicated to sustainable practices and responsible disposal of tree remnants.
  • Skilled Arborists: Our team comprises experienced professionals who specialise in all manner tree services.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Employing the latest technology for effective and safe tree services.


Your Wilmslow tree experts

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Frequently asked questions

What tree services does Greenscapes offer in Wilmslow?

In Wilmslow, Greenscapes offers a range of tree services including tree removal, stump grinding, storm damage callouts, risk assessments, and crown reduction.

Is Greenscapes Tree Services available for emergency storm damage callouts in Wilmslow?

Yes, Greenscapes provides swift and efficient storm damage callouts in Wilmslow to address any urgent tree-related issues.

How does Greenscapes ensure safety during tree removal in Wilmslow?

Greenscapes employs skilled arborists and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safe and effective removal of trees in Wilmslow.

Can Greenscapes Tree Services help with tree stump removal in Wilmslow?

Absolutely, Greenscapes offers stump grinding services in Wilmslow to effectively handle tree stump removal after tree cutting.

Does Greenscapes offer risk assessments for trees in Wilmslow?

Yes, Greenscapes provides comprehensive risk assessments in Wilmslow to evaluate potential hazards posed by trees.

What makes Greenscapes a preferred tree surgeon in Wilmslow?

Greenscapes is known in Wilmslow for punctuality, cleanliness, and environmental responsibility, along with their team of skilled arborists.

Is Greenscapes Tree Services environmentally conscious in their operations in Wilmslow?

Yes, Greenscapes is dedicated to sustainable practices and responsible disposal of tree remnants in Wilmslow.

How can I get a quote for tree services in Wilmslow from Greenscapes?

For a free quote in Wilmslow, contact Greenscapes Tree Services via phone or email, or visit their website.

Does Greenscapes handle both residential and commercial tree care in Wilmslow?

Greenscapes offers professional tree care services for both residential and commercial properties in Wilmslow.

What are the benefits of crown reduction services by Greenscapes in Wilmslow?

Crown reduction by Greenscapes in Wilmslow improves light access, reduces wind resistance, and enhances the health and stability of trees.